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The tally system

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Equipment spot inspection management system in order to improve the economic efficiency of the equipment operation as the goal, to help enterprises to establish comprehensive maintenance mode of scientific management system, standardize the tally process, the equipment files and maintenance of information sharing, the repairman implement equipment such as single online transfer, save equipment management personnel to send a single time, improve the efficiency of equipment management of the office, Make the equipment management personnel pay more attention to the equipment operation and equipment maintenance work.

1. System hardware

Check instrument: The on-site check for implementing intelligent management instrument, through the communication module of software system, download the tally standard to check meter, check meter can calculate the current automatically according to the tally standard cycle check tasks, and through touch, with live ID button automatic screening project, need to check the tally tally member only, item by item, Record the data in the spot detector. The point detector supports the collection of observation, meter reading, measurement and other data types, and can be seamlessly integrated with the infrared temperature measuring gun to meet the requirements of automatic data collection. ID button and spot sign: ID button is a kind of identification information button, it is pasted together with the spot sign in the scene, the system is bound together with the inspection standard, it plays the spot management requirements and screening function of spot check items.

2. System functions

a. Basic information management. Basic information is the basis of the entire device inspection management system. To ensure the correctness, uniformity, and authority of the information, the Mechanical and Electrical Department must compile the information and input the information by relevant personnel or designated system administrators of the Mechanical and Electrical Department.

b. Fault database management The fault database is established based on device types and fault types. When handling device faults, select the corresponding fault type from the fault database. This helps to classify and collect statistics on device faults later.

c. Device management: Input information about enterprise devices into the system, manage devices in layers according to devices and components, add, modify, delete, search for devices, and manage devices by division of labor (package mechanism).

d. Equipment division of labor (Package mechanism) Equipment division of labor The equipment can be assigned to relevant responsible personnel, and the equipment division can be queried according to the relevant information.

e. Spot inspection management, formulate spot inspection routes and plans according to equipment spot inspection standards, carry out spot inspection implementation, spot inspection analysis and hidden danger rectification, and establish a multi-level closed-loop spot inspection system.

f. Route management "route" is the unit of inspection area division in the point inspection system, and route management is to define how each point inspection unit (route) is inspected, such as inspection related personnel, shifts, value, shift rules and so on.

g. Data communication: exchange data with the point tester through the "Data communication" module. The customized inspection plan can be transmitted to the inspection instrument, and the inspection data in the inspection instrument can also be transmitted back.

h. Assessment management, which conducts statistical assessment on the implementation of spot inspection through missed inspection statistics, in-place statistics, man-hour statistics and route inspection.

i. Data analysis: provides analysis of spot inspection data, including modules such as "oil analysis", "Trend Analysis" and "vibration analysis". "Vibration Analysis" can provide professionals with time domain trend, frequency domain change and trend of each index of vibration. The system can generate relevant analysis documents. Data Analysis enables you to learn about the fluctuation of the running status of the device and provide early warning of device faults so that the management personnel can take timely measures to rectify faults and stabilize the process.

3. See the following figure for the system architecture and general business diagram

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