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Automatic fire alarm and fire linkage system
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Automatic fire alarm and fire linkage system

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The fire alarm controller adopts JB-QB-GST500 (connected type), adopts centralized intelligent two-bus coding equipment, which has the functions of displaying alarm address, sending out sound and light alarm signals, line inspection and self-inspection, automatically recording alarm time and automatically storing alarm records. JB-QB-GST500 (coupling type) has linkage function, which can linkage control corresponding fire fighting equipment.

1. System composition

The system consists of fire alarm controller, fire detector, fire hydrant alarm device, manual fire alarm button, fire alarm loudspeaker, explosion-proof fire hydrant alarm device, explosion-proof fire alarm loudspeaker, input and output module, linkage module, etc. Coal preparation plant environment is dusty, raw coal system needs to use explosion-proof products. Fire detector, explosion-proof manual fire alarm button and explosion-proof fire alarm loudspeaker are arranged in each coal bunker, transfer point and coal conveyance belt trestle. The fire hydrant is equipped with explosion-proof fire hydrant alarm device.

2. System functions

a. The large-screen LCD with Chinese characters is adopted. All kinds of alarm status information can be directly displayed on the screen in Chinese characters, which is convenient for users to operate and use.

b. Fire alarm and fire linkage control can be designed according to multi-machine split and separate bus loop design, or single common bus loop design. The controller design has short line, broken line detection and equipment fault alarm functions.

C. controller can complete automatic and manual control external fire was accused of equipment, including manual control mode with direct manual operation key control output and control output two methods of manual coding key combination, any address coding point in the system can be encoded by a variety of detector, can also be used by all kinds of coding module, design flexible and convenient. Considering the low capacity of the controller's own power system, when the controller is connected to the controlled equipment, additional DC24V power system should be set.

d. Setting of manual fire alarm button and fire alarm loudspeaker shall be set near each production system and each evacuation entrance and exit. And ensure that there is at least one manual fire alarm button and fire alarm loudspeaker in each fire zone.

e. Building and linkage control system for automatic fire alarm Automatic fire alarm devices are installed at each coal bunker, coal conveyance belt trestle and transfer point. When the fire occurs, the system alarm, fire linkage control to start the fire pump and other fire equipment.

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