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mis information management system
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mis information management system

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The information management system uses IBM information system management server, SQL Server2005 database platform and windows XP professional management terminal. Through each system module, the information in the production process is collected and stored in the system database. It can complete the basic management functions, record and display of historical data, print and edit daily reports and collect equipment information, realize the sharing of resources in the whole plant, and achieve management automation, digitalization and intelligence.

System Functions:

(1) Basic data entry of statements

Data statisticians only need to input basic data, and the rest is completed by computer calculation, or by collecting production information, including production data and business data.

(2) The function of quick query of reports can quickly and conveniently query the existing and historical data reports, find the wrong data in time, and understand the production trend.

(3) Report printing function For the report that needs to be printed out, use the most simple and easy to operate report printing tool (such as EXCEL) to output, and can handle the output report later.

(4) Report modification function When errors are found in data entry, the input data can be modified in time. According to different data reports, the system adopts the method of program optimization, and provides two modification methods: deleting records and modifying data.

(5) Related query function To further enhance the information sharing function, different terminals can query and browse related production reports. At the same time, due to the large amount of data reports, in order to reduce the query time and improve the work, the query function is not provided for useless reports and data.

(6) Production information recording function For material verification, summary, inventory, material warehousing, workshop material details can use the information system management server to record, save, and check.

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