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Automatic preparation and addition device of FAAS flocculant
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Automatic preparation and addition device of FAAS flocculant

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The device is composed of water supply system, dry powder feeding system, dissolution and curing system, control system, liquid feeding system and secondary dilution feeding system. It is made according to the characteristics of polymer medicine which is difficult to dissolve, easy to agglomerate, and easy to condense after long-term exposure. Manual feeding will result in waste of manpower, imprecise feeding amount, uneven feeding will produce curing material and other problems. This system is an intelligent, automatic, continuous integrated flocculant solution configuration and dosage device, the solution range is 0-4000 liters/hour, the concentration is 0.1%-0.5%.

1. Key Features

1) Intelligent instrument automatic control, automatic operation, save labor;

2) The contact part with the medium uses anti-corrosion engineering plastics, stainless steel, corrosion resistance is good;

3) The solid agent is accurately dosed by the dry powder dosing machine, and the dosage is accurately adjustable to ensure the stability of the dosage ratio;

4) The control box is equipped with equipment fault alarm, and according to different situations, alarm, automatic manual switch, single machine stop, system stop and other actions, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment;

5) The whole equipment adopts three-tank overflow solution operating system, which makes the equipment simple in structure, small in volume and convenient in installation. Suitable for dissolution and continuous addition of pharmaceutical process flow;

6) The system adopts multiple boxes to ensure dispersion and thorough maturation. 7) The automatic flocculant preparation device adopts imported equipment, which is stable, safe and reliable.

2. Main applications

1) Wastewater treatment: municipal or industrial wastewater flocculation treatment, sludge dewatering process treatment, municipal wastewater three or four levels of treatment;

2) Drinking water treatment: water plants that use surface water as water sources, as water purifier and flocculant dosing system;

3) Process dosing: food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry process dosing, chemical, petroleum, pulp and paper industry process dosing;

4) Other industries: electroplating, food and beverage industry wastewater treatment, chemical, petroleum, pulp and paper industry wastewater treatment, ore smelting industry wastewater treatment

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