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FRACS Series flotation dosing automatic control system
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FRACS Series flotation dosing automatic control system

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The flotation dosing automatic control system takes PLC as the core to collect and process data and control output. The input and output of the switch are equipped with isolation device, the input is isolated by coil relay, the output is isolated by solid state relay, and the analog signal input is equipped with isolation module to ensure the reliability, stability and real-time performance of the input and output. The man-machine interface displays the flotation process flow, flotation process parameters and pharmaceutical parameters, dosing PID mediation rod diagram, real-time and historical curves of important parameters in real time and dynamically. Graphical interface practical, image, beautiful, easy to adjust parameters.

The system has two operation modes: automatic and manual. Automatic mode, the driver through the industrial computer to adjust parameters and graph check, the system automatically according to the amount and concentration of dry slime to adjust the dosage. In the event of a failure of the concentration, flow, or agent measurement sensor, the operator can manually adjust and control the dosage.

System Functions:

1. Measurement and control functions

a. Measure the flotation concentration of the flotation machine;

b. Measure the flotation flow rate and accumulative quantity of the flotation machine, and can be cleared manually;

c. Measure the instantaneous amount and cumulative amount of added agent, and manually clear it;

d. According to the change of the amount and concentration of floating dry slime, the amount of flotation agent added is automatically controlled by PLC intelligent operation;

e. Manually adjust dosing intensity and oleyl alcohol ratio to adapt to different coal quality;

f. The dosing ratio can be adjusted manually according to the need.

2. Display and record functions

a. Real-time display of flotation system equipment flow chart;

b. Real-time dynamic display of process parameters of flotation measurement and control system;

c. Display the real-time trend curve and history curve of important process parameters such as concentration, flow rate and drug dosage of flotation measurement and control system;

d. PID adjusting bar diagram display;

e. Shift and month accumulations of flow and drug dosage.

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