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CCS production centralized control system
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CCS production centralized control system

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1. Centralized control of system equipment configuration Equipment configuration PLC cabinet: data collection, processing, control and monitoring; Configuration of upper monitoring industrial computer (engineer station, operator station) : centralized management and control of equipment operation, and print reports; Configure centralized control console, etc. The centralized control equipment is responsible for the centralized monitoring of the production system equipment to realize the automatic statistics and report generation of the daily production management of coal preparation plant.

2. System function

A. System control mode includes programmed start, stop, centralized interlocking, accident locking, alarm signal acquisition, single machine start and stop, local unlock, etc. All the controlled mechanical and electrical equipment in the process system of coal preparation plant shall be integrated into centralized control, and all the controlled equipment on the coal flow line shall be controlled by programmed starting, stopping and centralized interlocking, and monitored.

B. The control mode is selected by the operator in the centralized dispatching room on the operation table.

C. System selection function.

D. Test function.

E, it has the ability to inform and forbid the equipment to start. The control equipment starts against coal flow and stops along coal flow. Standby equipment can realize online start and stop, and all equipment has on-site emergency stop function. Centralized operation, the post driver can only park, can not start the car.

F. Accident handling function, including fault warning, start and stop faults, operation faults, detection signal and other fault processing and sound and light alarm.

G. The centralized control system shall conduct liquid level closed-loop control on the fine slime bucket and the tail slime bucket of the heavy medium system to prevent running or draining.

3, operation mode centralized control system with centralized, local two control modes, two control modes can achieve no disturbance conversion; The centralized operation mode of control room is the main operation mode of this system, and the on-site operation mode is mainly used for equipment debugging and maintenance.

1) Centralized operation mode Centralized operation mode can be divided into "central-manual" and "central-automatic". The central-manual mode realizes the start and stop control of a single device through the computer keyboard or mouse combined with the LCD display. In this way, the interlocking relationship between devices can be easily set or cancelled. This method is mainly used for the trial operation and maintenance of equipment. It can also be used as a supplementary operation mode in normal production. "Central-automatic" means that the computer keyboard or mouse combined with LCD display, select the appropriate process to realize the automatic start and stop of the process equipment in the selected process. In this mode, interlocking relationships exist between devices. In the production process, when it is necessary to stop the operation of a device for a short time and do not want to cause other devices to stop due to interlocking relationship, you can easily set or cancel the interlocking of the device during the operation of the device.

2) The local operation control box is set near the site equipment to realize the start and stop control of a single device. This operation mode is used for single-machine debugging and maintenance.

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